Active LED Video Wall Display Suppliers In India

Affordable Solutions for large and small businesses alike!

We are changing the way people see things. We offer you a new and unique way to present your ideas and content. You don’t need to be limited by the size of your screen or the confines of a traditional video wall or LED display.

Purple Wave is a leading manufacturer of India’s most advanced active LED video wall displays. Our products are designed for the most demanding applications, including broadcast studios, corporate lobbies, hospital reception areas, command and control centres, retail outlets, and more. Purple Wave offers the latest Active LED Video Wall Display technology manufactured to provide superior visual clarity, speed, and functionality.

Best Active LED Video Wall Display Supplier in India

Our displays are designed and engineered by our experienced team of experts, who have been in the industry for over two decades. Our products are also manufactured in-house, under controlled conditions, with strict quality checks at every step of production. Every one of our Active LED Video Wall Displays is designed for durability, reliability and high performance, making them perfect for any environment, whether it’s a small office area or a large commercial space. We also offer customization options to meet your specific needs!

Wide range of products

We design our products with scalability in mind. From modular to fixed-size displays- we cover a wide range to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Industry-leading support

Our team is here to support you 24/7. We offer telephonic consultation, on-site service, annual turnkey maintenance and repair, and free installation training by our experts.

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