Futuristic Digital Display Non-Touch Solution Series

Purple Wave India, a trusted Indian manufacturer of professional LCD screens and other electronic solutions, offers a wide range of Non-Touchscreen Displays to cater to various customer needs. They work with the latest resistive or capacitive technologies to provide an optimized touchless display system. The advantages of this kind of product are its reliability, durability, and longevity.
We offer a wide variety of non-touchscreen display solutions to suit all industries – from big or small corporations, banks, hospitals, and education institutes to retailers. If you’re looking for a non-touchscreen display solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, we’re here to help!

Customizable to your needs

With features- like low power consumption, easy installation and low maintenance requirements, our Non-Touch Display Screen Series can be tailored to suit your need. You can also mix and match different components before you buy the final product from us. Our Digital Display Non-Touch Solution Series will enable you to present vivid and impactful content to your target audience in seconds.

Top 8 Advantages of Purple Wave India Non-Touch Display Series:

  • Smooth collaboration with wireless casting
  • Complete control over your content and presentations
  • Ultra High-definition at affordable rates
  • Slim, sturdy and reliable designs with a wide variety of sizes to choose from
  • Easy connection settings
  • Built-in speaker for crystal clear sound/audio
  • IR (infrared) control/ voice control
  • High visibility for product and signage

We are committed to delivering the best quality products that meet your expectations. To achieve this goal, our in-house R&D team is constantly researching new technologies and manufacturing techniques.

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