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Purple Wave India is a leading manufacturer of interactive digital kiosks in India, with expertise in designing and manufacturing high-precision touchscreen kiosks for universities, colleges, hospitals, malls, and other public spaces. Our products consist of robust software solutions and our in-house manufactured and engineered hardware that ensures smooth performance. Our end-to-end audio-video manufacturing services in Delhi include AV Consultation Solutions, Interactive Digital Kiosk Installation, annual maintenance and repair services, personalized support, AV equipment design and customization, post-sales support, etc.

What makes Purple Wave interactive kiosks different?

Commitment to Excellence

We believe in selling the best quality digital interactive kiosks that last long and are worth the price. We are a certified Indian AV equipment manufacturing company and adhere to strict quality testing standards at each stage.

Easy to Operate

We offer interactive and engaging digital kiosks that are easy to operate. You can use these kiosks to conduct surveys, quizzes, product launches, sales, display ads, branding, etc.

A wide range of features includes high-quality dynamic content to keep users engaged, custom layouts, modern, sleek designs, and easy to use interface with a lightweight, intuitive touchscreen. The kiosks can also be custom branded with your company’s logo or message, making them perfect for marketing as well!

Affordable Rates

Purple Wave India offers competitive rates for touchscreen Kiosks and installation services pan India; we have plans for start-ups as well as large enterprises!

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