Premium Ceiling Speaker and Amplifier AV Solution Services Provider in India

Purple Wave India offers the best-in-class PA Speakers and Amplifiers in India to suit your audio needs. Get the best sound quality with our variety of Ceiling Speakers! We offer a range of powerful, affordable, and easy-to-install products, perfect for any occasion. Our audio products are designed to withstand wear and tear while providing superior sound quality.

We bring you- PW6S-PA and PW60WF-CP ceiling speakers that deliver a crisp and clear sound that will elevate any space with rich and high-quality audio. Some irresistible features of our top 2 Ceiling speakers and amplifiers:

Purple Wave India Ceiling Speaker PW6S-PA: This is a lightweight (0.65 kg) 6.5” full-range ceiling speaker with an elegant and modern design. It features a 6.5-woofer size, a round grill, and impressive 88 dB sensitivity. With a frequency response of 110Hz – 13KHz, this system produces a wide range of sound with exceptional clarity.

Purple Wave India Ceiling Speaker PW60WF-CP: This is a CE-certified WI-FI ceiling speaker with a stereo analog audio connector. It has a titanium dome tweeter that maintains accuracy or linearity, even during loud dynamic fluctuations or swings in the audio content or music. With its low-distortion design and wide frequency response, this system is perfect for any application that requires high-quality audio.

Every audio purchase with Purple Wave India is an excellent investment! Here’s why:

1) The Perfect Sound Solution

Our ceiling speakers PW6S-PA and PW60WF-CP provide superior sound quality with a powerful output, designed to fill any room with crisp and clear audio for an unforgettable experience.

2) Hi-Fidelity performance

Purple Wave India- PW6S-PA and PW60WF-CP Ceiling Speakers deliver superior audio quality with clarity and impressive definition- perfect for indoors and outdoors. With professional-grade features like adjustable treble, tuned port, and polypropylene woofer, these speakers provide a great listening experience.

3) Mylar Dome Tweeter

Purple Wave India Ceiling Speakers- PW6S-PA and PW60WF-CP have Mylar Dome tweeters that are light synthetic films resistant to humidity. So if you prefer crisp and pristine highs, our speakers are perfect for you.

4) Full-motion Swivel Bracket

You are in full control of your audio with Purple Wave India’s state-of-the-art speakers! The full-motion swivel bracket feature allows you to direct the sound at your desired angle or direction.

5) Horizontal/Vertical Key-hole Mounting

Our modern-sleek speaker designs allow horizontal as well as vertical key-hole mounting, allowing you complete installation freedom.

6) Easy installation with maximum portability

Our PA speakers and amplifiers can be installed easily without hassle or complexity. The lightweight design also makes it easy to move around for maximum portability.

7) Affordable audio solutions in India for all budgets

We offer cost-effective ceiling speaker solutions without compromising on quality so you can get high-performance audio at an affordable price.

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