The Most Advanced Commercial Interactive Touch Displays in India

Transform your workspace with Purple Wave India- Interactive Touch Displays and revolutionize your workflow!

The all-new Purple Wave India Interactive Touch Displays provide an immersive and engaging experience with just a simple touch. We give you the power to simplify complex tasks, allowing you to increase efficiency and streamline operations. With our innovative multi-touch technology, you can make quick adjustments without switching inputs or navigating through menus. Our display solutions are ideal for all meeting rooms, huddle rooms, boardrooms, and collaborative spaces of all sizes. Our displays feature ultra-responsive interfaces that offer a smooth touch experience with virtually no lag time. Enjoy fast performance, all thanks to our advanced high-precision sensors and intuitive gesture recognition technology.

Purple Wave India PWD32TRX and PWD65TRX displays provide superior performance, with 4K UHD resolutions and an intuitive multi-touch feature that allows users to interact directly with the screen. The perfect blend of style and technology, these displays are designed for continuous use in busy workspaces. Our futuristic intuitive display technology also ensures seamless integration with other devices, so you can easily access all your data in one place.

Purple Wave India- Interactive Touch Displays unlock your imagination! Create stunning visuals, dynamic presentations, and engaging experiences to captivate your audience. With an intuitive control design, you’ll be able to interact and connect with your customers in no time!

The Most Advanced Commercial Interactive Touch Displays in India:

– Purple Wave India Interactive Touch Display PWD32TRX

The PWD32TRX is the perfect solution for any immersive display needs. It features a 32-inch HD touchscreen panel with multi-touch technology that supports up to 12 touch points with 4 touch gestures (click, zoom, drag, and rotate), giving you a smooth and responsive user experience. It supports easy customization and offers a game-changing <12mm sensing range.

– Purple Wave India Interactive Touch Display PWD65TRX

Our PWD65TRX Digital Display offers an even more powerful 65-inch 4K UHD touchscreen panel with enhanced multi-touch technology that supports up to 20 touch points. It also features in-built front audio stereophonic speakers and 4mm anti-scratch protective glass. PWD65TRX Flat Panel Digital Display is ideal for business meeting spaces, Smart Classrooms, training rooms, and board rooms. PWD65TRX interactive flat-panel display uses IR or Infrared touchscreen technology for end-users to collaborate seamlessly and experience state-of-the-art smart displays.

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