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Video Wall Display Suppliers In India

Video Wall display solutions- bigger screens for your stories!

Video walls have become an integral part of any modern business. A video wall is a large display screen that is made up of smaller screens or panels arranged in a grid.

The benefits of video walls are clear: they provide an immersive experience for the viewer and allow businesses to display multiple messages simultaneously. Video walls can be used in many different ways, from providing information to customers to creating an impressive visual representation of your brand.

Some companies use video walls as branding tools while others use them as marketing tools, such as advertising and promotion displays. The main purpose of video wall displays is to attract attention and communicate messages while making the space look and feel alive and interactive.

Purple Wave is a leading Video Wall Display supplier in India. We have been providing high-quality Video Wall display panels for the last 14 years. We provide a full range of Video Wall display services - from AV Solution Services Provider to designing and installation to maintenance.

Our premium Video Wall Solutions are perfect for any business looking to increase visibility and impress potential customers with your product or service.

Why Purplewave?

  • Wide Range of Products from different vendors
  • Ease of Ordering and express shipping of Video Wall Solutions pan India
  • Affordable Prices and amazing discounts on bulk orders!
Video Wall display solutions- bigger screens for your stories!


Material Premium quality of metallic material
Touch Screen Monitor Yes
Usage Indoor, Outdoor
Integrated PC Yes
Front Logo Yes
Color As per requirement
Voltage As applicable
OS Windows
Function Multi-function
Shape As per requirement
Power Source Electric
Size/Dimension All

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