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Digital Display Non Touch

Professional Display PWD32R

Digital Display Non Touch

Purplewaveindia PWD32R is an innovative non-touch digital display solution for businesses across industry verticals. These commercial-grade display screens are perfect for wireless castings, presentations, teaching lessons, sharing information, etc., without breaking the bank. With an IR remote control that connects wirelessly to your device and a built-in speaker tuned by experts at Purple Wave, you'll always have complete control over every aspect of your multimedia experience.

Ultra High Definition (UHD) Resolution at a fraction of the cost

You get all the benefits of a UHD display at a fraction of the cost! Our PWD32R digital display non-touch series have true-to-life colour reproduction and detail with superb clarity while saving space with a slim design. You can use it either in landscape mode or portrait orientation (as per your requirements). It features a USB Contents Plug and Play system that means more convenience for the user. You can also establish quick and secure connections via HDMI or Wi-Fi.

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