Purple Wave: Best AV Manufacturer Company in India

Purple Wave is a premier manufacturer of audio-visual equipment in India. We not only offer premium quality and cutting-edge AV solutions, but we manufacture immersive experiences!

Purple Wave offers professional A/V equipment for conference rooms, training facilities, boardrooms, reception areas, hospitals, etc. We use the latest audio-visual design technology to deliver the highest quality with exceptional performance.

Affordable prices with no compromises

Purple Wave offers some of the most competitive prices in India; without compromising on quality or features. No matter what you’re looking for — from Digital Podiums to Active LED to Digital Display Touch to high-end Video Conferencing Cameras and speaker phones — Purple Wave has something for everyone!

Faster than you can say- “Woah!”

With our dedicated Research and development team, we’re constantly innovating to bring you the best AV equipment in India. Our products are designed to be reliable and easy to use to make your life easier.

Dedicated Support

We strive to offer you the best possible experience through first-class customer service and after-sales care by our expert technicians, who are always ready at hand to answer any queries as soon as they arise.

No need to wait in line or go hunting around for a store with what you want – just come straight to us!

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