How To Choose The Perfect Interactive Touchscreen Display Solution For Your Business?

Interactive touchscreen digital displays need no introduction. But choosing the perfect digital display touch solution for your business can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, from the size of your space to the total budget.

Here are the top 4 elements to keep in mind:

1) Resolution

Resolution helps in defining the overall experience, so choose wisely. While 1080p FHD displays are excellent for smaller meeting/conference/huddle rooms, larger commercial spaces require 4K or UHD resolutions for immersive experiences.

That’s why the Purple Wave Digital Display PWD Series offers maximum engagement with impressive resolutions!

2) Size

Consider the size of your huddle or meeting space as well as the potential size of your audience or viewers. Purple Wave Digital Display Touch Solution Series in India offer 55”, 65”, and 75” to fit any commercial or business requirements.

3) Connectivity

Interactivity and smooth connectivity go hand-in-hand. So opt for display solutions that offer multiple input/output connection options like the Purple Wave PWD series. It supports HDMI, CVBS, VGA, display port, TV, and YPbPr (colour component video cables).

4) Usability, Touch and Controls

Ease of control and smooth touch is the whole point of a Digital Interactive Display; It gives users flexibility, ease, and ultimate control over the displayed content. So don’t overlook the User Interface while making the purchase. Do explore it because the User Interface directly affects overall efficiency and productivity. But the Purple Wave PWD Series takes care of you by offering a 20 points touch and supporting multiple controls.

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